Sako Tote Bag

$59 $79

A modern take on traditional handwoven textiles from Abra, Philippines, featuring binakol weave and color-block tones. The perfect tote for back-to-school books, groceries, and more. Has a pocket!

  • Size: 13" high x 15" wide. Strap 48" long.
  • Materials: Cotton-poly blend handwoven fabric.
  • Make: Completely handmade with handwoven fabric and individually sewn. 
  • Provenance: Handwoven in La Paz, Abra, Philippines, by weavers and community of Manang Naty. Created by Studio Sampaguita, a husband & wife design team.
  • Patterns: The binakol pattern, a weave visually similar to op-art, used in making large circular shapes.
  • Care: Spin wash on gentle. Dry on cool setting or air dry.

Read more about abel weaving here.


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