Él (River) Forearm Bangle

$55 $65

The Él Bangle is a traditional Tboli brass forearm bangle with elegant details recalling the waves of rivers. Handmade by the Tboli in Lake Sebu, Cotabato, Philippines. Named after the word él meaning river.

  • Size: Approximately 3" diameter. Can be worn as a loose bracelet or band on the forearm. Unisex.
  • Materials: Upcycled brass
  • Make: Individually handmade using traditional T'boli techniques
  • Provenance: Lake Sebu, Cotabato, Philippines - the ancestral home of the Tboli and Blaan tribes
  • Pattern: Diagonal wave pattern, a symbol used throughout the Philippines for rivers.

Read more about how these bangles were made here.

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