Sand Dune Throw Blanket

One of a kind

A luxurious, handwoven throw-sized blanket from Ilocos, Philippines, featuring the admired pinilian technique for which Ilocano weaving is renowned. Handwoven by master weaver Manang Agosto. With the pattern of rivers and flowers in the colors of sand.

  • Size: Approximately 50" x 62", medium-weight blanket.
  • Materials: Cotton-poly blends.
  • Make: Completely handmade with handwoven fabric.
  • Provenance: From the master weaver of Ilocano weaving, Manang Agosto, of Santiago La Union, Ilocos Sur, renowned for her skill in inabel weaving.
  • Patterns: Brocaded rivers and flowers.
  • Care: Machine wash gently on low heat. Air dry or machine low heat.

Read more about the inabel weaving of Ilocos here.

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