Kusikus Galaxy Blanket

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In colors reminiscent of the spiral of galaxies, these handwoven blankets from Abra, Philippines, feature the kusikus weaving pattern of Abra and Ilocano inabel, a whirlpool-like design believed to offer protection. Subdued, modern palettes with hypnotic patterns.

Kusikus patterns confuse even cameras due to the moiré pattern. Please view all the images to see the blankets in their best light. 

  • Size: 85" x 72", light-medium weight blankets (approx. twin sized).
  • Materials: Cotton-poly blends.
  • Colors: Ocean - blue base; Sand - beige base; Dusk - purple base.
  • Make: Handwoven with seamed edges.
  • Provenance: Abra, Philippines - renowned for its inabel weaving style.
  • Patterns: Kusikus whirlpool/whirlwind pattern for protection from evil spirits and malevolent winds. The circle, a symbol of the universe in Southeast Asia.
  • Care: Machine wash and dry gently on low heat.

Read more about the sacred geometry of Philippine textiles including the kusikus pattern here


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