Baby & Toddler Barong 6-24 Months

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An embroidered silk organza barong tagalog from Lumban, the capital of embroidery in the Philippines. Made just for your little one. For ages 0-2. A wonderful heirloom piece made from premium fabric. 

  • Sizes: 6 months (19" chest), 9 months (19.5" chest), 12 months (20" chest), 18 months (21" chest), 2 years (21.5" chest).
  • Make: Individually handmade from cocoon, a silk-organza fabric. Slight variations in embroidery make each barong unique. Embroidery patterns based on availability.
  • Care: Hand wash and air dry flat only. Do not wring. To press, use a cotton pressing cloth on low heat to iron.

Read more about the embroidery tradition of Lumban here

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