Binakul Blazer

One of a kind

A gorgeous, handwoven blazer from Abra, Philippines, featuring plant-dyed, natural colors. A beautiful binakul garment with embroidered details.

  • Size: Small to Medium - Up to US Size 8.
  • Materials: Plant-dyed, natural colored cotton blend.
  • Make: Completely handmade with handwoven fabric, hand-dyed, and hand-embroidered.
  • Provenance: From the culture bearers at the School of Living Traditions, Abra, Philippines - the ancestral home of the Itneg/Tingguian and also home to traditional Philippine plant dyes.
  • Patterns: Binakul weaving with "sinan banig" weaving pattern.
  • Care: Hand wash and air dry or dry clean.

Read more about Abra, the capital of Philippine plant dyeing here.

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