Custom Handwoven Guitar Strap


A custom, handmade guitar strap from handwoven Kalinga fabric.

  • Size: 2" wide, adjustable length.
  • Color: Red fabrics, black leather, silver hardware.
  • Materials: Cotton-poly blends, leather.
  • Make: Handwoven on backstrap looms in the weaving village of Kalinga. Sewn on vintage sewing machines restored in NYC.  
  • Provenance: Handwoven in Mabilong, Kalinga. Assembled and crafted in New York City.
  • Patterns: Sun and stars.
  • Care: Spot clean and hand wash only.

Made-to-order, custom items are made just for you and cannot be returned, only exchanged. Because each item is made by hand, please allow up to 6-8 weeks for the production and shipping.

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