Handmade Philippine Dolls

Handmade with Love

Sweet, handmade dolls made by mother artisans in Cebu by HOME Plush Toys, an ANTHILL community sewing initiative. With handwoven accent fabrics inspired by stories of the Philippines.

  • Size: Approximately 12 - 13" high.
  • Materials: Cotton-poly fabric and poly batting.
  • Make: Completely handmade with cotton-poly knit and handwoven fabrics.
  • Provenance: HOME Plush Toys, a collective of mother artisans in Cebu.
  • Themes: Katmon Flower, of the Katmon tree endemic to the Philippines that grows the Philippine Dillenia or elephant apple; Harana, the Filipino tradition of serenade, and guitar making, which Cebu is well-known for; Baro't Saya, traditional Filipino clothing.
  • ​Care: Recommended age 3+. Spot clean. Hand wash and air dry clothing separately. Do not submerge. 

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