Embroidered Tapis Wrap/Blanket

One of a Kind

A beautiful tapis from Abra, Philippines. Handwoven and plant-dyed by the Agaid family from farm-harvested plant pigments. featuring plant-dyed natural colors. A light-weight tapis with hand-embroidery featuring details of nature. The tapis is a traditional wrap-around worn around the waist that can also be used as a blanket.

  • Size: Approximately 50" x 66".
  • Materials: Cotton-poly blend.
  • Make: Individually hand-dyed, woven, and embroidered by the Agaid family.
  • Provenance: From the culture bearers at the School of Living Traditions, Abra, Philippines - the ancestral home of the Itneg/Tingguian and also home to traditional Philippine plant dyes.
  • Pattern: Rice patterns associated life-giving sustenance and ritual.
  • Care: Hand wash and air dry.

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