Ifugao Binayyaung Scarf


A medium-weight, handwoven scarf by Ifugao Nation from Kiangan, Ifugao. Woven by the Kiyyangan Weavers Association, these weaves help support the Save the Ifugao Rice Terraces Movement (SITMo) and its conservation work. Inspired by traditional Ifugao weaving patterns, this Binayyaung scarf was created for sale to be worn by all.

  • Materials: 100% Cotton, featuring Philippine HABI farm-grown cotton.
  • Make: Completely handmade using nilihha/pinili supplementary warp and kinulduhan plain weave techniques. Handwoven on backstrap looms in the Ifugao tradition.
  • Provenance: From the culture bearers at the SITMo and the Kiyyangan Weavers association in Kiangan, Ifugao.
  • Patterns: Inspired by Ifugao baya’ung blanket, it is identified by broad black panels complimented by red strips. Traditionally, the baya’ung featured the linuhhunghinolgat (spear head), and hinulgi  (complex diamond pattern) complex. For the modern versions, the colors used are still the same but the design patterns have been changed. 
  • Care: Hand wash and air dry or dry clean. Do not cut.
  • 100% of the proceeds will be used to further support Ifugao Nation also towards Typhoon Relief in Cagayan

Read more about Ifugao Nation here.

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