Kalinga Sablay Shoulder Sash


sablay is a special kind of sash worn on one shoulder and diagonally across the body. Handwoven by the Kalinga, who are noted for their prowess in battle, these sablay are specially made for our Pilipinx warriors and those in the combat arts. This comes from the weaving village of Kalinga, a people known for their indigenous tribal tattoo practices, strong tribal ties, and filial loyalty. 

  • Size: Approximately 65" x 6".
  • Materials: Cotton-poly blend.
  • Make: Handwoven on backstrap looms.
  • Provenance: Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon, Philippines.
  • Patterns: Various geometric and nature-inspired patterns.
  • Care: Hand wash and air dry.

Read more about the weaving traditions in Luzon here.


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