Tuduk (Mountain) Bangle

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Made by indigenous Tboli artisans in Lake Sebu, Philippines, the Tuduk Bangle is a traditional brass bangle with elegant details recalling mountains and earth. Handmade using traditional brass casting techniques by the Tboli in Lake Sebu, Cotabato, Philippines. Named "tuduk," or mountain in Tboli.

  • Size: Approximately 1.15" tall, open cuff 3" x 2.5".
  • Materials: Upcycled brass.
  • Make: Hand-crafted using traditional Tboli brass casting techniques.
  • Provenance: Made by cultural elder and brass artisan Bundos Fara in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines - ancestral home to the Tboli.
  • Symbols: Diagonal lines symbolizing mountains and earth.
  • Care: With a soft cloth, polish with baking soda and lemon. Keep dry.

Read more about how these bangles were made here.

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