Violet Handwoven Siko Karuwang Malong

One of a Kind

A medium-weight malong from Maguindanao, Philippines. Handwoven by the award-winning Ansing Family weavers with woven golden threads. Malongs are traditional garments that can worn as dresses, skirts, trousers, capes, and more.

  • Size: Standard malong size. 53" height, 39" width (total 78" around).
  • Color: Violet and silver.
  • Materials: Cotton and polyester.
  • Make: Individually handwoven by the award-winning Ansing family.
  • Provenance: Maguindanao, Philippines - renowned for its malong weaving traditions. 
  • Pattern: "Siko Karuwang," named after the shape of the bent elbow of a weaver while weaving.
  • Care: Hand wash and air dry or dry clean.

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