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Walnut Brown Banig Mat

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A beautiful, handwoven banig mat from Bukidnon, Philippines. Made from woven sodsod grass with patterns inspired by nature.

Inspired by native motifs including geometrical patterns and sun patterns.

  • Size: Round, approximately 4' diameter.
  • Make:  Plant-dyed and natural colored woven grass. Proudly handwoven by the TWWA, which actively preserves its traditional Bukidnon-Tagolanen cultures.
  • Care: Keep dry. To remove folds from the banig, gently flex it in the opposite direction of the folds, or use weights like heavy books for 1-3 days to flatten it. To clean your banig, gently shake out any dirt and dust. One may use a handheld vacuum with a brush attachment. Do not use a strong vacuum like a floor or robot vacuum since this may damage the handwoven material over time.

Each handwoven banig is individual and distinct; no two are identical. Read more about how these were woven on our Journal here.

Walnut Brown Banig Mat Mat
Walnut Brown Banig Mat Mat
Walnut Brown Banig Mat Mat
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ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! words cannot express how proud I am of my heritage, and this malong shows it to the world in every woven thread. the gold color is sharp and looks beautiful! It came fast and well protected and I know there will be countless events I'll be wearing it! store owner was polite and kind and was able to answer questions regarding wanting to learn more about the patterns. thank you!! Maraming Salamat po!


I felt really emotional looking in the mirror wearing this because it reminded me of my mom, my lola and so many other women in my family wearing this in the Philippines.


I received my patadyong today. It is very pretty, the fabric is well woven and soft... My grandmother used patadyong’s as far as I could remember, and wearing one just reminded me of her unselfish love and care. To me it is a comfort garment. I was born in Iloilo, and am very familiar with patadyongs. Thank you for making it available to us here in the US.

Z. V.

Narra’s curated studio celebrates a legacy of the richness in the Filipino culture. Their gorgeous product highlights beauty and craftsmanship that only true artisans embody. I Love This Store.


I write to thank you for the scarf I recently purchased and that I received today. I am so delighted to have received a Filipino product of exceptional quality and artistry that really shows off our excellence. I look forward to making further purchases in the future to support our artists and to promote our gifts and talents where I am. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.


These earrings are beautiful!! Means so much to be able to wear something that has been a symbol in my culture for centuries. I feel powerful wearing them :) thank you so much!!!


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