Woven Planter

One of a Kind

A beautiful, handwoven planter from Bukidnon, Philippines. Made from woven sodsod grass with patterns inspired by nature using plant-dyes. Use as a planter or for organizing at home. Plant not included (sorry!).

  • Size: Approximately 9" diameter. 9.25" tall. 
  • Materials: Plant-dyed and natural colored woven grass.
  • Make: Proudly handwoven by the TWWA, Tagolwanen Women Weavers Association, which actively preserves its traditional cultures.
  • Provenance: From the Bukidnon-Tagoloanen Weavers, of Bukidnon, Philippines - the ancestral home of the Bukidnon-Tagoloanen lumad.
  • Patterns: Inspired by nature patterns and geometric lines.
  • Care: Keep dry. Gentle bend to reshape.

Each handwoven planter is individual and distinct; no two are identical. Read more about how these were woven here.


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