Celebrating Filipino Artistry & Craftsmanship in NYC: Raised Pinay 2023

Celebrating Filipino Artistry & Craftsmanship in NYC: Raised Pinay 2023

By Mary Claire Capul

Learn how Narra Studio – a POC, Filipina, & woman-owned brand –promoted and shared the beauty of Filipino artistry with the world through their exhibition at “Raised Pinay” in Brooklyn, NY.

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The Philippines’ rich culture and diverse traditions undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the craftsmanship and artistry of the country, both locally and abroad--this was displayed prominently last March 12-13, 2023, when “Raised Pinay” was held in Brooklyn, New York, with the theme 'The 5th Generation - Raising Up the Mother.' 


Focused on the various aspects of motherhood, Raised Pinay featured eight intergenerational Pinay mothers who skillfully expressed their experiences and legacies through storytelling, monologues, dialogues, poetry, visual art, songs, and movement, offering a unique perspective on their cultural heritage.


Narra Studio at Raised Pinay


Among the Filipino-owned companies that participated in Raised Pinay was Narra Studio, a POC, Filipina, & woman-owned brand dedicated to the artistry, weaving, and craft heritages of the Philippines and Asia. Narra Studio's participation in Raised Pinay was a testament to their continuous efforts to promote and share the beauty of Filipino artistry with the world. 


Narra Studio showcased its handmade jewelry collection, which featured intricate designs inspired by traditional Filipino culture. More than just accessories, these pieces are representations of Filipino tradition and heritage. As Narra Studio exhibits its handmade accessories in Raised Pinay, not only is it able to promote the Philippines’ artistry, but this platform can pave the way for showcasing Filipino craft and heritage to a broader audience.

Different Narra Studio items for sale during Raised Pinay 2023


This participation at Raised Pinay is also a testament to how Narra Studio continues to be true to its mission: to bridge indigenous artisans and cultural communities with kapwa and kababayan worldwide. The exhibit is also a way of giving back to the community as Narra Studio’s proceeds are proudly re-circulated back to their partner artisan communities. The proceeds are also used to support more artisans and donate to charitable organizations and communities.


Narra Studio's participation in Raised Pinay was a powerful display of its commitment to preserving and spreading Filipino art and culture. They became part of an event featuring eight talented Filipinas, celebrating motherhood and significantly impacting the Filipino community in New York City. This participation is a testament to how Narra Studio inspires Filipinos and Filipino-Americans who continue to honor their heritage. 


Raised Pinay


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Founded by Jana Lynne (JL) Umipig, Rachelle Peraz Ocampo, and Justine Ang Fonte, Raised Pinay continuously aims to uplift the stories of Pinay women from all walks of life while actively raising funds for reproductive health. Following that advocacy, this year’s Raised Pinay focused on motherhood, wherein eight strong mothers remembered, shared, and explored their experiences through different forms of storytelling.

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Each Raised Pinay member has a personal, unique, and heartwarming tale about their journey as a Pinay, from exploring family dynamics to embracing their heritage and even navigating issues of sexuality and immigration. 


More than just performances, this year’s Raised Pinay is also a community experience where Pinay artists, artisans, businesses, and creatives go through a fantastic art installation and artisan market, where proceeds go to Roots of Health, a non-profit organization in the Philippines that empowers women by offering free clinical services and reproductive health education. 

Event For A Cause


True to Narra Studio's advocacy, the brand's participation in Raised Pinay was able to help a non-profit organization, Roots of Health (Ugat ng Kalusugan), established in 2009 to empower women and youth in the Philippines. 


It is a fact that plenty of women, youth, and families still need to be educated on health issues like adolescent pregnancies, increasing HIV cases, and the lack of health education. With these issues considered, the non-profit organization aims to educate Filipinos on the importance of reproductive health. Roots of Health believes that “healthcare is human right and everyone should have access to non-judgmental, confidential services.”


Photo source: https://rootsofhealth.org/


Event Highlights


Aptly held on Mother’s Day, the 5th generation of Raised Pinay explored various themes, including the journey of decolonizing parenting, celebrating past and present legacies, and embracing the ever-changing role of mothers. The incredible journey through the motherhood of these women was also captivating as they continued to navigate the path of raising future generations. 


The 5th gen of Raised Pinay featured the stories and arts of eight empowered women (Lucha Alforque, Amanda Lacson, Maria Sockie Laya-Smith, Genella Lintao, Vanessa Ramalho, Carmela Laya Saccardo, Kimberly Tate, and Lorely Trinidad).


Strengthening Filipino culture, heritage, and community in NYC


As Raised Pinay celebrated the 5th generation of women during the recently held event, the Filipino heritage, culture, and community in NYC were simultaneously strengthened. Through the exposure of different Filipino brands and vendors in Raised Pinay, the culture and heritage of the Philippines were exposed to a wider audience worldwide. 


During the 2-day gathering, the Filipino community in New York was also strengthened as they intimately listened to the stories shared by the eight outstanding women. 


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