Impact and Giving


At Narra Studio, we work directly with culture bearers, traditional artisans, and indigenous communities throughout the Philippines and provide them a way to expand the reach of their work. With great dedication, each piece they create requires of hours of work—and often takes years of practice and centuries of tradition. It’s hard to look at one of these products without feeling a deep sense of awe for the person who crafted it. Each product is made with care and dedication using traditional techniques that are environmentally sustainable.

Each purchase you make supports artisans dedicated to their craft. When these artisans are able to practice their craft sustainably, they’re also able to pass their knowledge and skills onto the next generation, preserving ancestral traditions and communities for years to come.

A purchase you make today can have a positive impact on traditional Filipino communities for years—and generations—to come.


In addition to empowering our Philippine partner artisans and communities by recirculating and re-investing Narra Studio's proceeds back to the artisans and communities themselves, we are proud to support others through sponsorship, charitable donations, and emergency relief provisions. We envision growing our giving-capacity even more in the future.


In collaboration with Raised Pinay, we contributed our support to BYP100, a national member-based organization of 18-35 year old activists and organizers creating freedom and justice for all Black people through building a network focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy, and political education using a Black queer feminist lens.


Proud to have provided over 1500 lbs. of rice and food donations for Manila families in need during Covid-19.

Cagayan Typhoon Ulyses Relief

November 2020 - The devastating flooding in Cagayan Valley from Typhoon Ulysses was heartbreaking to witness, even from afar. With proceeds from the sales of our new Ifugao Nation weaves, we donated $500 towards relief efforts led by Indigenous People (many thanks to Prof. Mac!) and utilized the remaining proceeds to further support the Kiyyangan Weavers Association in Kiangan, Ifugao.

Filipino American Artists Directory 

Narra Studio provided a month-long sponsorship to connect and make visible the broad community of visual artists of Filipino heritage living and working in and between the United States and the Philippines.

Indigenous Peoples Month, Philippines

October 2020 - In celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Day and Month in the Philippines, we sponsored food, drinks, and giveaways for the kids at Garangan, SLT Calinog, Iloilo. It was a resounding success!

The Ifugao Ethnographic Encyclopedia

We donated $250 towards the project of Sir Marlon Martin, Save the Ifugao Terraces Movement, Ifugao, Philippines, and Dr. Stephen Acabado, to achieve the goal of publishing (print and online) an Ifugao ethnographic encyclopedia. Donations cover research, travel to museums where Ifugao ethnographic cultural materials are curated (i.e. Field Museum and Smithsonian Institution), photography, and publication (print and online).

Ifugao Weavers

Provided financial assistance to our partner weavers in Ifugao during Covid-19 in May 2021.

Ilocos Tropical Storm Relief

Provided financial assistance to our partners in Ilocos due to the destructive Tropical Storm Maring, October 2021. 

Mangyan Heritage Center

In collaboration with the Mangyan Heritage Center and Lions Clubs International - Calapan, we were able to extend food aid to 50 Mangyan families in Bansud, Oriental Mindoro, after Typhoon Tisoy, 2019.

Panay Bukidnon

Provided financial assistance to our partners in Panay Bukidnon due to the Covid-19 pandemic, August 2021. 

Raised Pinay

We were an official sponsor for 2020 Raised Pinay, a community-centered benefit production based on original stories & performances by an all­-Pilipina cast.

Roots of Health

We sponsored the complete pre-natal care of a mom through the entirety of her pregnancy! <3

Tboli Weaving House

Provided financial assistance for the construction of a Tboli Weaving House, July 2021.

Tboli Ubo Community Center and Learning Library

We were happy to support the Tboli Ubo Community Center and Learning Library with a Book Donation of 10 books including copies of HABI's books on Philippine weaving and Bahay Kubo, a picture book based on the beloved Filipino children's song, Bahay Kubo. It includes essays by archaeologist Stephen Acabado and poet Kristian Sendon Cordero and illustrations by Aldrin Camacho.

Tboli Ubo Community Center and Learning Library

October 2020 - Also in celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Month in the Philippines, we contributed to the Tboli Ubo Community Center and Learning Library.