Katte Geneta, Founder

Katte Geneta is an artist and weaver based in New York City. A trained classical painter with 15 years in the non-profit and museum fields, Geneta expanded her arts background to include handweaving, spinning, textile research, and conservation. She is the Director of Design and Publications at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in NYC, a full-time mom, and graduate of Harvard University in museum studies. Additionally, she has studied both traditional and digital conservation at Harvard, the American Institute for Conservation, the NEDCC (Northeast Document Conservation Center), and is a member of HABI the Philippine Textile Council, Textile Society of America, Complex Weavers, Oxford Asian Textile Group, the Textile Study Group of New York, and the Museums Association, London. www.kattegeneta.com
Dhen Pasallan, Administrative Assistant
Dhen Pasallan
Dhen Pasallan is a social media/virtual sidekick whose specialty is hoarding words inside her head and clearing them out through the form of writing. Dabbling in graphic design using Canva and Adobe Photoshop started as a hobby until she found its professional use in the online freelance world. Most of her time is committed to a hyperactive boy and girl who believe she’s a wizard but calls her mommy 24/7. When she gets a break - she sneaks in a couple of episodes of her current Asian drama obsession, mixes homemade milk tea, or heads to the beach with her skimboard to ride the waves on the shoreline of the West Philippines Sea.

Contributing Writers

Lauren Villarama, Contributing Writer

Lauren Villarama is a caffeine-dependent crazy cat lady based in Metro Manila. When she's not working or being a servant to her family's 30+ felines, Lauren likes to take long walks (greeting cats along the way), play with their 6 dogs (as the cats look on, unamused), take photos (of things other than cats), craft with yarn and paper (preferably while the cats are snoozing), sketch (cats and other stuff), listen to podcats (erm, podcasts), and watch documentaries (and cat videos, of course). https://www.instagram.com/123sajeepney


Mara Fabella, Contributing Writer

Mara Fabella is an artist and a writer from Metro Manila, Philippines. She studied at the University of the Philippines Diliman, where she majored in painting. Mara’s artistic practice stems from her love of storytelling, where she attempts to use existing images to create stories of her own. She has exhibited her art in several spaces around Metro Manila and is eager to continue sharing her art to the world. Her penchant for narratives slowly trickled into writing as well, and she has gone on to write for several publications based in Asia. Apart from her work as an artist and writer, Mara has also worked in event management and was previously an athlete and coach. https://www.instagram.com/dtbfabella/


Kayla De Leon, Contributing Writer

A social media analyst by day and a freelance writer by night, Kayla covers everything from the latest business and marketing trends to interesting culture and lifestyle tidbits from across the globe. Having graduated with degrees in Business Law, International Business, and German Studies, she strives to bring attention to compelling stories that aren't found anywhere else. When Kayla's not fact-checking her articles, she loves learning languages, boxing, and listening to true crime podcasts.  


Chesca Santiago, Contributing Writer

Chesca Santiago is a university student who finds anchor in the rather confusing subject of human life. An anthropology major at the University of the Philippines Diliman, she is curious about the entanglements of art with experience and identity, both on the personal and national scales. Interning at and contributing to museums, galleries, and media outlets, she seeks a world where everyone - regardless of their age and background - is empowered to approach, make, and converse with art. She avoids her readings by watching Kdramas, listening to Kpop, and hanging out with her friends at Discord. 


Leoder Sanchez, photography

Hope Apucay, watercolor illustrations

Katrina Escolona, content creator and photographer