We have been incredibly fortunate to work with amazing people throughout the world. We are proud to encourage artists and artisans, photographers, and writers and are always seeking creative collaborators who share our mission.

Katte Geneta, Founder

Katte Geneta is an artist and weaver based in NYC. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally. Weaving-obsessed, she likes to restore old looms in her spare time. By day she the Director of Design at a museum in NYC, a full-time mom, and is currently a grad student at Harvard University. www.kattegeneta.com

Katrina Escalona, Content Creator and Social Media Manager

Katrina Escolona: Palawan-raised writer, photographer, and content creator. Most at home by the sand and sea, but takes any chance to get lost in whatever corner of the globe. Loves story-telling, food and culture, sitcoms and Jack Johnson, and her three sassy chihuahuas. https://katrinaescalona8.wixsite.com

Lauren Villarama, Contributing Writer
Lauren Villarama is a caffeine-dependent crazy cat lady based in Metro Manila. When she's not working or being a servant to her family's 30+ felines, Lauren likes to take long walks (greeting cats along the way), play with their 6 dogs (as the cats look on, unamused), take photos (of things other than cats), craft with yarn and paper (preferably while the cats are snoozing), sketch (cats and other stuff), listen to podcats (erm, podcasts), and watch documentaries (and cat videos, of course). https://www.instagram.com/123sajeepney

Mara Fabella, Contributing Writer

Mara Fabella is an artist and a writer from Metro Manila, Philippines. She studied at the University of the Philippines Diliman, where she majored in painting. Mara’s artistic practice stems from her love of storytelling, where she attempts to use existing images to create stories of her own. She has exhibited her art in several spaces around Metro Manila and is eager to continue sharing her art to the world. Her penchant for narratives slowly trickled into writing as well, and she has gone on to write for several publications based in Asia. Apart from her work as an artist and writer, Mara has also worked in event management and was previously an athlete and coach. https://www.instagram.com/dtbfabella/

Conie Paclita, Quezon City Operations and Shipping Associate



Leoder Sanchez, photography