Weaving My Heritage

Weaving My Heritage

Hi everyone!

Katte here. I am halfway through my Master's and created this video for one of my courses which I'd like to share with you.

My video is an ode to my weaving journey that started when I was pregnant with my son in 2018. In the short film, I reflect on my Filipino heritage and how I began weaving to connect with my roots and family. I document my weaving process—from planning the handwoven cloth on computer and paper, to weaving, to the final handwoven cloth inspired by the kusikus pattern found in Ilocos. Samples of indigenous textiles illustrate the richness and variety of handweaving in the Philippines.

I feel so connected to my ancestors and homeland through the beautiful fabrics and symbols of our weaving traditions. Having these special tela available here was a dream of mine--to bring that sense of connection to the Philippines to others. Through NARRA, I am honored to serve you in this way.

Many thanks to our weavers back home who continually inspire us! My plant-dyed, handwoven and hand-embroidered jacket was made by the School of Living Tradition (Abra) partners, the Agaid family. Maraming salamat po!

Please enjoy!