HABI Book 2 - Rara: Art & Tradition of Mat Weaving in the Philippines

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By Elmer I. Nochesada.

Published by HABI The Philippine Textile Council and the Museum Foundation, 2017.

From the north and the south of the Philippine archipelago come mats that show aspects as well as the creative and artistic adjustments, nay imaginative adaptability that they display in how they are conceptualized and made. The colors, the materials, the uses, the varieties in both their common or mundane level, and their outstanding and accomplished heights are the subject of this book of Philippine mats by author Elmer Nocheseda.

HABI: The Philippine Textile Council is one of the pioneering nonprofit organizations in the Philippines that focuses its efforts towards the preservation of our local Philippine weaving heritage.⁠ Read more about their advocacy here.

 Other books published by HABI are: HABI: A Journey and HABI BOOK 3: Weaving Ways

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