PRE-ORDER - Kapwa Tarot by JL Umipig


Pre-Order Arriving End of February

Peace Family,

Thank you for your support and your connection to this sacred work that was laid down now 6 years ago. It means so much to have had your support in this process through your investment in bringing a deck to your home or community.

Kapwa Tarot is not just a deck of Cards- Kapwa Tarot is:

- Cultivated Knowledge sourced through JL, honoring her teachers lessons- deepening, expanding and complicating their knowing with the intentions for others to do the same.

- Honoring of Sacred Symbology. Rooting back to ancient knowledge taught to us all through a union, conversation and intertwining of the divine. In all the elements and the relation of their ecology we find lessons.
- An Invitation for Exchange... Communion... Relation... for the purpose of Re-membering Self in Other.

A number of folks in our community have hit me up to receive decks for their personal and communal use in these times. I have a number of decks on reserve and can open for exchange of a very few number of them in this next month.

I am also so excited to announce that Narra Studio will be Kapwa Tarot’s official online distributor. After 6 years of handling all the exchanges for Kapwa Tarot independently, I am so excited to be in equitable partnership with Katte and her sacred work! We have rooted in our trusted relationship with each other to take this step with each other!

If you'd like to purchase this for shipping to the Philippines, please contact us via email at [email protected] for local Philippines shipping rates.

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