Palawan Tingkop - Miniature

Each is one of a kind

Beautiful handmade tingkop from Palawan, Philippines. Made by basketmakers that carry the breadth of their history and cosmology - all held together by the handwoven strips of a basket known as tingkop. 

The tingkop also wields a significant role in ritual use. Small tingkops carrying amulets are worn by Pala’wan hunters around their neck to attract success in their hunts. It is also used in rituals to call upon spirits, for the Pala’wan believe that only smaller tingkop can contain the spirits’ strength. 

Read more about the cosmologies of the tingkop here.

  • Sizes:  XXS (1" tall); XS (1.25-2" tall); Small (2.25-3.25" tall); Medium (3.5-4.5" tall); Large (4.5-5.5" tall); XL (6"-10" tall); XXL (10.5"-15" tall).
  • Materials: Locally-sourced bamboo, rattan, resin. 
  • Make: Completely handmade and handcrafted by Palawan basketmakers.
  • Provenance: From Brookspoint, Palawan.

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